Fun in the Sun

Hi guys!!!
Sorry for posting so late, I had school today so I was really busy. Only 3 more days till summer!

On Sunday, Kyana and I spent the day together. It was pretty warm out, but not in the morning.

Once I arrived, we went swimming and paddle boarding in the lake. It got really cold really fast, I mean, our hands were turning purple, so we decided to go inside.

After getting warmed up and getting ready, it started to get pretty warm. So after lunch, which was macaroni and cheese, fruits, and avocado, we went outside and had an impromptu photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures:

As for my outfit, I wore overalls that I don’t know where I got them, a crop top from @Forever21, a flannel from Marshalls, and some low-cut white converse.

Kyana wore a burgundy top, some white jeans, a blue flannel around her waist, and some black Adidas.

After our photo shoot, we went inside to go to a graduation party. Sadly, I do not have any pictures from the party.

I wore a maxi skirt from H&M, a black top from Hollister, and my white converse. I braided each side of my hair into a low bun.

Kyana wore a black romper with a bralette, a cute belt, and her Black Adidas. She wore dangly earrings that were gold and put her curly hair into a half up half down hairstyle and  braided a few pieces, completing the bohemian look. In my opinion, she look really nice.

Overall, I had a nice time with Kyana. Sunday was a really fun day and I hope to do something like that again.


Mona and Kyana




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